Actionable Sensory™

We believe remarkable product design is multi-sensory. Sensory science and sensory analysts hold the key to delivering remarkable products – products that stand out because their sensory personalities are compelling. The FMSS team utilizes a proprietary approach – Actionable Sensory™ – to detail product characteristics, and identify critical “opportunity spaces” for strategic product design. With this unique approach, our expert sensory panels capture highly defined, specific product parameters with bench-actionable precision and efficiency. Using a variety of illustrative techniques, FMSS sensory analysts demonstrate how to guide and implement product changes that drive product excellence and top tier acceptance.

Mobile Sensory Lab

Acquiring accurate descriptive sensory data from food service and quick serve restaurants (QSRs) require field testing in order to measure the products while they are fresh. This data can be used for competitive analyses and category appraisals that will result in a wealth of knowledge and guidance in product development. Our expert sensory panels have traveled near and far collecting data remotely, and discreetly, from our mobile sensory labs. This service, unique to FMSS, provides accurate data that leads to actionable outcomes.

Our clients depend on the value-added benefits of Actionable Sensory™ to guide product optimization, streamline product development, reduce risk, and maximize return on investment.